After the big hype around 3D printing for home and office, the enthusiasm is starting to fade in the mainstream and many opinion articles are surfacing declaring the death of 3D printing. We believe this to be caused by the wrong idea that small home and office printers are the core of 3D printing. There are varied sites dedicated to 3D printing and 3D printing explaining, but none is accompanying them along the journey, introducing people to 3D printing, help with first steps, provide middle ground content and then presenting them with what is being done on the cutting edge using 3D printing. In this website we try to engage people, introduce them to 3D printing, help them take the first steps and then accompany them as their knowledge grows while explaining all the advanced possibilities of 3D printing. We have accessible and engaging content to help the audience at the different stages of the learning /enthusiasm curve. We expect this integrated approach to be extremely useful in creating a community around the site that helps spread knowledge about 3D printing and keep people motivated in experimenting new things and bring new talent to the area.